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Psycho-Spiritual Counseling Individual & Group

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Welcoming a year of peace, love, and growth.

New group beginning Monday June 20, 2022 from 7-8.30 PM EST. 

We practice the Law of Circulation.

Suggested Donation: Individual $100/session sliding scale; please don’t let cost be an obstacle.

Spiritual Celebrations

Life Transition Celebrations

Weddings, as all Life Transition Celebrations, are public announcements of personal and spiritual commitments. In my role as clergy/facilitator, my task is to present YOUR spiritual agreement to the community.A Ceremony Built on Words You Believe In Specializing in Honoring:

  • Traditional and Non-traditional Unions
  • Step-family Unions
  • Different Faiths/traditions
  • Conservative and Creative Expressions
  • Baptisms and Namings
  • Families Growing
  • Celebrations of Life

My training is in many different traditions and philosophies. I work with couples to ensure that spiritual understanding and traditions are acknowledged, represented, and honored as they forge a new path in the foundation of their lives.