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Question 1: from Lisa Ellex, host of "It's Your Thing" WYLD:

Answer: Psycho-spiritual counseling is… (please explain). Spirituality is not a religion- it is How We Live Our Lives ..... so for many years, I have worked with people who are religiously affiliated, and many who are not..who are interested in becoming more in harmony with themselves. You see, I think SPIRITUALITY is about being connected…about caring about one another…about not abusing or being abused….It is about a need, to be honest with oneself and utilize our daily occurrences in a positive matter what our situation might happen to be.

In my career, I have worn many hats. I have been a counselor, an associate chaplain, an interfaith minister, AND THE QUESTION on every pathway I have traveled is "How Can I Help?" Psycho-spiritual counseling allows me to bring my diverse pathways together.

I will take questions about everything from everyday challenges and obstacles to a life crisis.


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