Celebrating love is an incredible experience.

Working with couples to express the richness of their heart is a gift that I thank God for every day.

I have become a part of the lives of many families and every one I have married has indeed become a part of my family…

On my site you will find lots of pictures… even more grace my walls at home… Most important for me is the fact that couples I meet affirm my belief that in this world of horrifying newspaper events and trite television shows... people have the ability to truly care…truly commit their lives to those they love. 

I am excited for them. I believe in Love.

A Ceremony Built on Words You Believe In Specializing in Honoring:

A wedding, as all Life Transition Celebrations, are public announcements of personal and spiritual commitments. In my role as clergy/facilitator, my task is to present YOUR spiritual agreement to the community.

My training is in many different traditions and philosophies. I work with couples to insure that spiritual understanding and traditions are acknowledged, represented and honored as they forge a new path in the foundation of their lives.

Reverend Ellyn's Thoughts on Marriage...

When two people come together in marriage it is an awesome time because IN the Unity of the Holy Spirit…Enmeshed in the CORE of the Spirit of Love…we touch the Divine…We are engulfed …surrounded by…cradled in the HEART of LOVE….and there is nothing that could be more exquisite…. more whole or complete and the capacity for EVERYTHING… understanding, compassion, growth, opportunity …is boundless….

And then the ceremony is over…and there you stand…two very nice people… with your hopes and fears and expectations…standing very vulnerable…

And NOW the MARRIAGE BEGINS……The desire to MEET the EXPECTATIONS of the OTHER MUST PASS….this is the trap of short engagements… when the focus is on…the hoping that the partner will want you…will find you attractive…will marry you… and here you are ..MARRIED…

Some people live in the hoping… they are always hoping for the next phase…the next going out and purchasing "stuff" for the next event…the living from crisis to crisis….fixing this..fixing that…preparing for this…preparing for that…the taking care of this…..the taking care of that… …...I am reminded of Jesus when he said to Martha..to stop preparing…to stop being anxious…..to come and be with Him…to share in His company…to enjoy His presence (Luke 10:40-2)….And so you must also Learn to Stay in the Moment..to enjoy each other…to allow the other to love you…to just be WITH you…

It sounds so easy…yet our culture ..our society is built on distractions …. our kids suffer from "attention deficit disorder"…the inability to focus…we are bombarded with colors and ads and pictures…with people who want to tell us what to think and how to think and what to think about and then there are crises to divert our attention…and people targeted for us to be afraid of…we are a very anxious society…Do you know that 14 MILLION people in the United States have used Prozac, an antidepressant…because as affluent as we are…there is an underlying dread…and what are we dreading? What are we afraid to hear or say or be…and I will tell you that if you will STOP and allow yourselves to be exactly who you are and allow your partner to love YOU…if you will learn to do this together…no planning…no wishing… no performing…NO TV…..just being….you will build an awesome future because your foundation is strong,…… built on trusting yourselves with each other…..celebrating your time together…by living it…NOT BUYING IT….but BEING IN IT TOGETHER…and knowing that who you ARE is yourselves and for each other ….

Namaste The Spirit in me... bows to the Spirit in you…

Thanks to the wonderful couples who have sent their pictures... wonderful memories!

Rev Ellyn's Wedding
 Resource Guide

The following is a listing of "professionals" whom I admire for the quality of their work and the generosity of their Spirit. They do NOT pay a fee to be on this list. They are here because I and "my wedding couples" have I found them to be knowledgeable, caring, exquisite and loving. They have helped to make an overwhelming task easier.

Photographers: Bill Cardoni 570-420-0203

Windsong Photography
Cheryl L. Rodger

LKF Digital Creations, Inc. 
Luke and Karen French 

David W. Coulter

Laura Ann Bailey


Donna McCann

Carol Heard Photography

A to Z Video

Gillen DV

Tuxedo Express

Nancy Miller

Great Sites Reception Areas:
Stroudsmoor Country Inn

Shawnee Inn

Chateau Resort
800-245-5900 x752

Water Gap Country Club

Tim Flemming
Pipe Major

Christopher Centrella 
Lite Piano
Solo Trio

James B Ruhf - Bagpiper

Gary Smith

American Party Company
Toby Maynard

Madison String Quartet

Wedding Cakes:
Kinsley's Shoprite
of Brodheadsville