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Clinical Counseling

Counseling and psychological education to religiously affiliated and non affiliated clients in an effort to promote and integrate personal ethical, spiritual and material concerns, without imposing religious bias.

Rev. Ellyn Kravette

Rev. Ellyn is a licensed social worker, certified addictions counselor, substance abuse professional (SAP) and interfaith minister with 20+ years experience as an employee assistance professional. Specializations include motivational counseling, clinical hypnosis, occupational downsizing, trauma, critical incident debriefing, 12 Step work and personal empowerment. Utilizing an eclectic educational and psychodynamic short term treatment approach, her strength is in assisting clients to remove obstacles, reconnect with their sense of personal integrity, self respect and potential for living life in the here and now.

Past Life Regression

Rev. Ellyn is a past life regressionist who studied with Dolores
Cannon. The purpose of the technique is for the subject to release
greater understanding and healing of their present life.


The following was my response to a letter from JR. She wanted to know what hypnosis, (regression is a form of trance or hypnotic state), entailed and what types of problems it could address:

Hello JR...

I cannot think of a problem with which I would not assist as people actually heal themselves... their higher self or soul knows exactly what it needs to promote it's healing and I help them to allow that to happen. Some people are afraid of hypnosis because they think someone else 'takes over' their consciousness in some way or another. Let me assure you that it is not possible. You are in charge of your life and healing in every moment. It is your subconscious, a part of you that you only vaguely 'hear' , but is very present in your life. You simply become more aware of it through hypnosis. This 'part' of you has many names. It is aware and healthy and helpful.

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