Church of the Divine Consciousness

Next meeting will be on the Winter Solstice, December 22nd, and will be followed by a pot luck luncheon.

Dolores Cannon Discussion Group meets the 3rd Friday of every month.
Test: The Convoluted Universe III

Rev. Ellyn continues
psychospiritual counseling
practice and can be
reached for consulation
and life event celebrations.


710 Frable Road
Broadheadsville, PA,

From Reverend Ellyn

New Thought perceives God not as an 'entity' but as a Creative Presence, the Life Force of All Entities. The motivating energy of its presence is Love. The name we choose to give it or the form or shape in which we have learned to expect to see it is immaterial. The God force comes through All Names and Shapes and Colors and ethnicities, It's power to illuminate is available, constant and infinite. To be in harmony with Divine Presence enables us to transcend all ego made fears, doubts and exclusions. This knowledge and demonstration of our God-given ability is what Jesus Christ and all other sages have called us to unite with.

Dr. Ernest Holmes preached, "There is a Power for Good in this universe, greater than we are, and we can use It. The more we use it and the more we love . . . the greater is our transformation. That which we give out comes back to us multiplied because it increases our capacity to appreciate it in both others and ourselves".

No matter what road we have traveled in this life. No matter what our circumstances. It is our understanding, our attitude and our expectation which shapes our destiny.

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~ Patricia's Prayer ~

May the blessings of Divine Inspiration fill me with Light.

May I come to a place of sacred Oneness in every moment of every day living.

May Blessed Ones assist me in making it so.

May that which I do serve to inspire others to their greatest good.

In all things may I bring light into the world. I ask this in the blessing of the moment.